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Vintage Condition

We do not know the history of any of the items.  We believe that each of these vintage items have been in storage for one or more decades with some being as old as 100 years in age. We believe that each was valued by its owner and was brought out for special occasions.  The Kiku garments were made during a period when there were many skilled artisans in many different regions who specialized in just a few of the steps required to make each garment.  Many of these garments would have required months to make.  The new kimono of this quality are available today only for the privileged few at exceedingly high prices. Each vintage piece will have some imperfections, including aging discoloration and soil spots.  We have graded the vintage condition as excellent, very good and goodExcellent will have very few noticeable defects on the outside or on the lining. Very good may have some inconspicuous defects on the outside and may have noticeable defects on the lining.  Good may have some noticeable defects on the outside as well as on the lining.  The product photographs will illustrate the condition of the garment, with some (but not all) defects that are hard to see being  marked with a safety pin for clarity.  You should examine the product photographs and description very carefully before committing to buying.