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Examine the back seam of this vintage silk haori  jacket and you will begin to understand what an amazing work of art it is.  Shibori is very complex process that creates three dimensional fabric with a raised texture.  This jacket includes hundreds of raised bumps that were created by individual hand tied knots.  The bolt is tied and dyed to create the design before the fabric is cut and sewn.  It is miraculous that the design lines perfectly match at the seams.  The skilled artisans who made this vintage jacket are retiring and few are taking their places.  You will love wearing this unique treasure and will find that elevates every outfit.  Buy it before it is sold to someone else.   The vintage condition is excellent. The length is 30.5 inches and the width between shoulder seams is 27 inches.  The pale green floral lining is so well made you can wear this jacket wrong side out, making it a two for one reversible.
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