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This red and blue silk haori jacket is an amazing feat of skilled artisanship.  To appreciate what an amazing artistic creation this jacket is, one needs to understand shibori dyeing and the Japanese process of  weaving and decorating silk to make just one garment at a time.  See shibori blog.  Each three dimensional "bump" is the result of a hand tied knot; this jacket required hundreds and and possibly thousands of knots tied over several months.  Each color represents a separate dyeing.  The bolt is fully designed prior to cutting to sew the jacket.  The craftsmanship was so skillful, the design matches perfectly as the seams.  This jacket is a treasure which would have cost many thousands of dollars when first sold. The lining has a woven design of flying cranes which have been subtly dyed pink. It is so beautifully made and designed, this jacket can be worn inside out, making it a reversible jacket. The vintage condition is excellent.  The length is 30 inches long and the width between shoulder seams is 27 inches.  Buy this work of art before someone else beats you to it; there is only one.  
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